Back end revenue cycle

About Back end revenue cycle

Back end revenue cycle services in medical scribing refer to the services that support the financial operations of healthcare providers after patient visits, such as coding and billing. These services ensure that healthcare providers are reimbursed for their services accurately and promptly.

Scribe4MD’s back end revenue cycle services include accurate and timely medical coding to ensure appropriate billing for services provided, claim submission to payers, and follow-up on any rejected claims to address any issues that may arise. Our experienced billing specialists have a deep understanding of the complex medical coding system and the various insurance policies and requirements, enabling them to submit accurate claims and minimize the risk of denied or delayed payments.

We offer back-end revenue cycle management services, including remittance processing, accounts receivable management, denial management, and credit balancing. Our team works to streamline the billing and collections process, reduce the time and resources required for follow-up on unpaid claims, and increase revenue for healthcare providers.

We also offer comprehensive reporting and analytics to help healthcare providers track their financial performance, identify trends, and make informed business decisions. Our goal is to provide healthcare providers with the necessary tools and resources to improve their financial health and focus on providing the highest quality of patient care.


About Back end revenue cycle

Scrine4Md’s payment processing team provides more than just payment posting services. We offer critical insights into the overall effectiveness of the revenue cycle processes. We process different types of remittance transactions, including Electronic Remittance Advisory (ERA) posting, manual payment posting, denial posting, and patient payment posting. We use intelligent payment processing platforms to read printed EoBs and provide all transactions in a tabular format for instant processing of a high volume of payment transactions. Our team also offers analytics, helps develop policies for write-off and adjustments, routes denied claims to the appropriate team for rework, processes claims with secondary payers, and uses dashboards to provide instant access to process health indicators for continuous improvement.

Scribe4MD offer a proven process to reduce backlogs in Accounts Receivable (AR) and collect payments faster. By analyzing current AR processes and identifying areas of improvement through best practices, their team can help organizations achieve a holistic approach to the revenue cycle. Our proprietary workflow management system provides transparency and oversight, allowing for real-time collaboration between teams. Our goal is not just satisfaction, but customer delight, with the end result being more money collected in less time.

The importance of Denial Management in the health Revenue Cycle is emphasized as insurance companies denies the claims submitted. Scribe4MD provides Denial Management services that focus on root cause and denial prevention to ensure a healthy cash flow and successful revenue cycle management. Our systematic, hands-on approach is used to analyze and research each claim and prioritize claims based on payer, amount, age of bill, or other business rules to ensure maximum benefits. Additionally, Scribe4Md suggests process improvements to prevent future denials and increase the practice’s ROI.

Credit balances can be a liability on a healthcare organization’s balance sheet, and it’s important to handle them quickly and efficiently to avoid further issues. Scribe4MD offers credit balance services that prioritize customer satisfaction and constant improvement by identifying and correcting errors and gaps in the process. The use of technology, such as the workflow management system, allows for transparent oversight and collaboration between teams. By bringing excellence to revenue cycle management, healthcare organizations can focus on creating great patient experiences.